School Tours

School trip to CONNY-LAND – it will be an experience!
Adventure, excitement, education, and team-building all at the same time with your students!
You and your students won’t forget this school trip any time soon! We do almost everything for you: Infrastructure, variety, education combined with adventure and last but not least, adventurous food – all of this is available at CONNY-LAND. You just need to make a reservation.

Everything is appropriate for the school grades. Please see the specific offers depending on the relevant form below. Your students will be delighted.


Entry per person including the competition and competition prizes
CHF CHF 19.00; the prices are valid on normal school days, not valid at weekends, bank holidays and school holidays, and for every 10 pupils, admission is free for an accompanying person
Snack (1 piece of fruit cake + 1 chocolate drink, cold or warm) CHF 5.50 -> advance booking required
Lunch packet (1 bratwurst or Swiss sausage or vegetable kebab, 1 piece of bread, 1 apple, 1 soft drink 5dl in a bottle, 1 chocolate bar) CHF 9.50 -> advance booking required, charcoal is available, so you can start the fire for the barbecue with your students.
Attention: The programme is not guided. The programme suggested below is a suggestion, the teachers arranges the final programme for the school trip themselves and individually.


Arrival via public transport. We are happy to advise you regarding train and bus connections. The leisure park opens at 10 am.
Deposit of backpacks, a small snack
Explanation and submission of the appropriate school grade – friendly form of competition (the first three students each receive a prize).
Free access to CONNY-LAND until 13:30 (or an agreed time).
Discovering the attractions, the completion of the “orienteering” and solving the questions in the competition
Meet at 13:30 (or an agreed time) by the picnic area. Review of the experience. Self-correction (encourages team spirit) of the competition papers, the distribution of the prizes.
Barbecuing together at the grill in the picnic area. The lunch packet can be conveniently bought from us (but does not have to be), you are of course welcome to bring your own.
Afterwards climbing together in the “Jungle Adventure”. Depending on the school class, parkour in the “Jungle Run” or in the high-rope climbing garden.
Afterwards, depending on the available time, free access to CONNY-LAND.
Can your school trip take two days? Ask us about adventurous overnight stays.

Jump at the opportunity: A school excursion to CONNY-LAND beats everything.
This is pure ExcurTainment!

We look forward to receiving your reservation.

Registration: e-mail: or phone: +41 52 762 7269