The 4D adventure “Ice Age”

Scrat is a rat squirrel and lives in the Ice Age. When he searches for a suitable place to bury his acorn, he finds a time machine in the ice, which has been sent to the past by a scientist from the future, whose skeleton is also buried in the ice.

As Scrat touches the time machine, it sends his nut to another time. He panics and touches the time machine again, which also transports him to this other time. Every time danger threatens him or if he does not like the time he has travelled to, he kicks the time machine and he is transported to another strange time.

Finally, Scrat finds himself under a tree full of acorns. As he wants to stay in the time with plenty of acorns, he destroys the time machine. Scrat realises that the oak tree is not real, but that it is just a replica of an oak tree and that he has landed in a future where no tree can be seen. As he tries to take the acorn he brought along with him, the time machine uses its last power and sends the acorn to another time, while Scrat remains trapped far in the future.