Our great offer for all children (4 to 14 years) who had their birthday in winter: As Conny-Land is closed from 23 October 2017 to 27 March 2018, we give one day’s free entrance to ALL children who had their birthday during this period. However, this offer is only valid from 28 March to 8 April 2018.

And that is how it works: Visit us with your parents during the period from 28 March to 8 April. You must present a child ID card or birth certificate from which we can identify your birthday and birth year.

The Dino-Attack in CONNY-LAND offers a perfect illusion. Here, a journey through the world during prehistoric times awaits you. Dinosaurs, lifelike and just as big. They will face you eye-to-eye. Don’t worry – our dinosaurs from ancient times like CONNY-LAND visitors!

The popular Dino Park, where lifelike and moving dinosaurs are shown, has been upgraded with a completely new facility: In the Jeep, where visitors drive through the jungle just as in the movie “Jurassic Parc”, passengers can shoot simulated enemies of the dinosaurs with the help of a shooting facility, to defend them. Each passenger can earn points and see their score at the park exit to see how well they have done. Thus, we have met the express wish of our guests.

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CONNY-LAND has big plans: At the moment the foundations for the newest attraction are under construction. The public gets constantly updated about construction progress.

After the largest Swiss amusement park was voted by a selected jury of experts, for the past three years in a row, to be one of the ten best theme parks in Europe, this season, the 56-metre-high Space Shot Tower will be open to visitors. The tower is currently under construction, the date of commissioning is updated regularly. Adrenaline junkies will get their money's worth: The passenger is catapulted from below with 5G (five times the weight of one's own body weight) up to almost 60 metres and experiences the effect of free fall when falling down. This is the highest of all highs that can be experienced in a fixed installed ride anywhere in Switzerland. The Tower is a sensation par excellence!

The very fact that CONNY-LAND has received the building permit to build a 56-metre-high tower (!!!) is magnificent and proves progress from all sides. A big thank you goes to all our neighbours and the people in charge of the municipality of Wäldi, who generously supported the amusement park.

Locomotive Emma and the "Vogelhochzeit"

We have created something completely new for you: A moss-covered landscape in a themed tunnel that is traveled through by our train, pulled by the original single cylinder Deutz-locomotive “Emma”. The whole area will turn into a show stage - a really fascinating adventure. The excitement grows. The ride will be so much fun - promise!

In cooperation with CONNY-LAND:
The family friendly Grüsch-Danusa ski resort!

Our great offer: If you purchase a CONNY-LAND season ticket, you will receive a free day ticket for the Grüsch-Danusa ski resort worth CHF 52! A unique offer, which you should take advantage of immediately, as now it is even better value for money to purchase a CONNY-LAND season ticket...

A lot of interesting information about this ski resort can be found on its website:

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The log fume in CONNY-LAND
is now zooming through a canyon

We are bringing the wild west to Switzerland: with a real country canyon. It is being created on the right and left-hand side of the log fume – then a rapid downhill ride through the ravine will lead into a deeply cut valley with slopes and horizontal rock layers. Exactly like in the wild west in 1799 – with the gold diggers! Not only the scenery of the log fume has changed – the entire technology has also been renewed. Let’s surprise you!

Where you can find us

Connylandstraße 1
CH 8564 Lipperswil (TG)

Phone: +41 52 762 72 72
Telefax: +41 52 762 72 73
Mail: info@connyland.ch

About us

CONNY-LAND is a leisure park in Lipperswil (Switzerland) for young and old.

Here you can see spectacular sea lion shows and a parrot show, have fun on our
roller coaster “Cobra”, the Mammut-Tree, the whitewater course or the unique Jungle Adventure.

CONNY-LAND also offers fun in bad weather: All our main attractions have roofs!

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