Sea Lions

Sea lions belong to the suborder of the pinnipeds (pinnipedia), a group of sea mammals hunting fish and marine birds as food and are therefore fast and elegant swimmers. However, for resting and also for reproduction, these animals return to land. The family tree of the pinnipeds extends from the well-known walrus with its huge tusks to the seals with their short front fins up to the eared seals, which include sea lions and fur seals. All pinnipeds are pure carnivores and are descended from land mammals that resembled wolves and bears.

The eared seals comprise five different types of sea lions and ten types of fur seals. Among them is the smallest species, the Galapagos fur seal, which is only 1.5m tall and weighs up to 70kg. The largest representative is the Steller sea lion, native to the North Pacific, adult bulls of this species can be up to 4m long and weigh over 1.2 tons. Our Patagonian sea lions live around the coasts of South America, from Peru and Brazil southwards along the whole continent. They grow up to a body length of 2.8m, females up to 2m, and weigh 350 or 140kg respectively. They live in large groups on beaches where the bulls have territories and claim a group of females for themselves.

All sea lions give birth to their young at the same time of the year and mate again shortly after. In the early summer the first females come to the beach to give birth and nurse their offspring with milk full of fat. Only 6 days after giving birth they mate and become pregnant again. The life span of these animals is 25 years but most bulls do not live longer than 20 years.

About 275,000 sea lions live in South America, but the populations are declining dramatically. Sea lions are hunted by sharks and killer whales as prey, but above all they suffer from the pollution of the oceans and overfishing. Global warming is also contributing to the destruction of their habitat, the rich fishing grounds of the South Pacific, so that sea lions have to spend more and more time searching for food.

Sea Lion Arena

CONNY-LAND showcases the results of careful and professional training work between humans and animals. Each show in the Sea Lion Arena also includes educational elements for children and adults.

Suitable for all children and adults.


Sea Lion Lagoon

A huge water surface area with a volume of 13,000,000 litres, green palm trees and a yellow sandy beach. A paradise for the sea lions of the leisure park CONNY-LAND. Here you can experience our sea lions in a beautifully enclosure.

Equally suitable for young and old visitors.


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About us

CONNY-LAND is a leisure park in Lipperswil (Switzerland) for young and old.

Here you can see spectacular sea lion shows and a parrot show, have fun on our
roller coaster “Cobra”, the Mammut-Tree, the whitewater course or the unique Jungle Adventure.

CONNY-LAND also offers fun in bad weather: All our main attractions have roofs!

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