Birthday Party

We can organize your birthday party! From 6 persons and up you will pay the reduced group entry rate. Food and drinks are also available. And the CONNY-LAND mascot “Lippi” will even congratulate you personally!



What to say about cobras? They are venomous, especially this one. CONNY-LAND’s Cobra is Europe's largest linear rollercoaster and the largest rollercoaster in Switzerland. You can tame it, if you are tenacious enough.

The minimum height for Cobra is 140cm. Children under 10 years of age are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.



Attention, hungry dinosaurs. Voracious primitive lizards are waiting for you. On Dino-Attack you are going on a spectacular journey through past times. Experience the greatest adventure in dinosaur history. And don’t worry, the T-Rex has already had its breakfast.

Dino-Attack is accessible without restrictions.


Jungle Adventure

An indoor adventure at CONNY-LAND for the whole family. Everything under one roof: from the baby village with an indoor playground and soft balls for the youngest guests, to a breathtaking 12m high climbing garden for real adrenaline junkies.

The Jungle Adventure is accessible without restrictions. The minimum height for the high rope course is 130cm.


Laser Temple

Like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” you move through a room full of laser beams. It is dark and foggy – and in front of you there is a tangle of green and red laser beams. Skill and precision are required. Do not touch the laser beams!

The Laser Temple is suitable for all ages


Mammut Tree

Enjoy the beautiful view. It will be the last thing you will see for a long time. The newest attraction in CONNY-LAND is something for real adrenaline junkies. Take a ride, if you dare. The Mammut Tree is old and furious.

The minimum height for Mammut Tree is 100cm. Children below 130cm are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.


Space Shot Tower

Buckle on and let go: with 5G you'll be catapulted to the top of the 56 meter high tower. Take a deep breath... and get to it! Enjoy the free fall.

The minimum height for Space Shot Tower is 130cm.


Swimming with Sea Lions

Sea lion fans have the opportunity to swim in the Sea Lion-lagoon with the playful, communicative sea mammals in CONNY-LAND. In addition, the trainers provide a lot of information – a real highlight.

Sea lion swimming is suitable for all ages


Training Sea Lions

CONNY-LAND makes it possible! Through the programme “I am a sea lion trainer”, you can experience the life of our sea lion trainers for half a day, actively participate and get close to our animals.

The minimum age to be a Sea lion-Trainer is 12 years


Voodoo Island

Voodoo Island mixes rafting and a pirate adventure. Overflowing water action and wild chases in the water are guaranteed. The water attraction of CONNY-LAND for the whole family. Get yourselves wet.

Children below 100cm are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.


Unsere aktuelle Wettercam im Connyland am 19.04.2019:

... wie alt, wie gross?

Auf einigen Fahrgeschäften im CONNY-LAND gibt es Beschränkungen:

Achterbahn Cobra: 140 cm (Kinder unter 10 Jahren nur in Begleitung Erwachsener)
5D Flugsimulator: Bitte beachten Sie unsere Hinweise am Eingang des Flugsimulators
Autoscooter: 120 cm (ansonsten in Begleitung Erwachsener)
Vodoo Island: 100 cm (ansonsten in Begleitung Erwachsener)
Mammut-Tree: 100 - 130 cm in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen. Alleinfahrer ab 130 cm
Hochseilbahn: Ab 8 Jahren
Hochseilklettergarten: Ab 130 cm
Restliche Attraktionen im Indoorbereich: Keine Grössenbeschränkung

Fyling Elephants, Magic Tree, Space-Climb, Parkeisenbahn, Hüpfburg, Wasserspielplatz, Dino-Attack, Wildwasserbahn, Kiddy Coaster: Ohne Alters- und Größenbeschränkung! (Wir empfehlen aber bei Kindern unter 100 cm die Begleitung eines Erwachsenen)

Hier sind wir

Connylandstraße 1
CH 8564 Lipperswil (TG)

Telefon: +41 52 762 72 72
Telefax: +41 52 762 72 73

Über uns

Das CONNY-LAND ist ein Freizeitpark in Lipperswil (Schweiz) für Jung und Alt.

Hier sehen Sie spektakuläre Seelöwen-Shows und die Papageien-Show, haben Spaß auf unserer
Achterbahn "Cobra", im Mammut Tree, der Wildwasserbahn oder dem einzigartigen Jungle Adventure. 

Das CONNY-LAND bietet auch Spaß bei schlechtem Wetter: Alle unsere Hauptattraktionen sind überdacht!

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